The Writings of James Fry

1. This is a book about Rave Culture entitled:
"RAVE CULTURE; An Insider's Overview" by Jimi Fritz
(my pen name.)

Check out the site, and if you'd like a copy, email me and I'll send you one for free.

  1. This is an article I wrote about meeting Werner Herzog at Local Heroes Film Festival in Edmonton.

  2. This is a recording of an interview I conducted with Werner Herzog at Local Heroes Film Festival in Edmonton.

  3. The Big Bad Wolf This is a piece I wrote about the death of my mother.

  4. All DJs Are Not Created Equal  An article for Monday Magazine about DJ Pascal.

  5. Various Letters to various Editors in support of Rave Culture.

  6. The Write Stuff In which internationally renowned screenwriter James Fry gives away one of his many secrets.

  7. Feature Length Screenplay. The Love Encyclopedia, an erotic comedy about love and relationships.

  8. Another Feature Length Screenplay. Ashes to Ashes, a mystery noir thriller.

  9. 23 Haikus, for Virginia on the occasion of our twenty-third wedding anniversary.

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